• Outdoor lighting systems require maintenance to preserve the look and intent of the
          original lighting design.

• A bi-annual maintenance program is available which consists of two yearly visits, in the
          spring and late fall.
        • Fixtures are adjusted due to frost heave or plant growth, lenses are cleaned, minor shrub
          pruning is done and lamps are replaced in some systems.

Our Services for Low Voltage Architectural and Landscape Lighting Systems:

Design and Installation

• Services include conceptual design for LED systems and contract documentation.
• The high quality fixtures we use, combined with our installation practices, increase
   the  effect and longevity of your lighting project.

LED Conversions

• LED lamps are available to upgrade existing incandescent systems.

• On average, LED lamps save 75% of electricity costs compared to incandescent lamps.

• LED lamps also come with a 6 year limited warranty.

Existing System Upgrades

 • An existing system evaluation is available to determine if any repairs are needed or if
           there are upgrades that should be done.
         • Existing fixtures and components will be analyzed to determine if they are worth fixing
           or should be replaced or upgraded.

       Lighting Demonstrations

• A lighting demo consists of setting up temporary fixtures and transformers to create
          lighting effects in the customer’s own yard. The demo provides a sampling of the lighting
          effects which will allow homeowners to make informed decisions.

If you are interested in scheduling a lighting demo, please contact us.





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